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EBAx – An all new free course just for you!

The Employer Branding Academy is pleased to announce the launch of the next installment in our free Employer Branding courses - EBAx!

Launched at the end of April, our third course, ”Localizing an Employer Value Proposition” is now available for you to continue (or start!) your learning in the field of employer branding!

If you haven’t taken our first two courses or are unaware of our new, free express courses- What is EBAx?

EBAx is brand-new category of express online courses will cover a range of Employer Branding subjects in a condensed and snackable format.

“Our aim with EBAx is to provide our industry with necessary and useful information that allows them to discover more on the above listed topics, but also hope to provide the customers with a desire to learn more, and enrol in the paid version of the platform, the Employer Branding Academy” Said Universum CMO, Jonas Barck.

Jonas continued “We believe that this course will be a valuable resource for all existing and potential clients by offering a free course and a certificate for all who are interested in Employer Branding.”

Which Courses Are Currently Available?

There are currently three courses available. The first two introduce the overall steps of a talent strategy, while the third one focuses specifically on the topic of EVP localization.

The first course is the Fundamentals of Talent Strategy: Part 1 – The Foundation.

Our second course is Fundamentals of Talent Strategy: Part 2 – Implementation.

The third course, ‘Localizing an Employer Value Proposition’ is a course that focuses on tackling the challenge of a world that is moving towards hyper-targeting.

This means the need for a localized and targeted approach for your Employer Value Proposition is a must. Considering increasing competition from other players, localization has furthermore become a fundamental part of any employer branding strategy. Organizations at the top of their employer branding game are mastering the skills of balancing global consistency with local relevance, and it is crucial for everyone to do this!

Do you need to solidify your understanding of how EVP localization works? Do you need to learn how to approach it and how to educate your stakeholders? Then this free course is for you!

Whether you have an EVP or not, this course will walk you through the key steps and necessities no matter your starting point so that you can be sure you set yourself up for success.

Learn more and take the course today! Late to the party and just learning about these new, free courses? No stress! Take all 3 courses whenever it suits you. SIgn up today!

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