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Since the start, we’ve certified over 1400 participants from more than 700 of the world’s largest and most progressive employers from a wide range of industries.

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"The Employer Branding Academy was a great learning opportunity! Besides providing insights into recruitment marketing, it also taught us (through the use of case-examples) how to successfully develop, activate, and measure a company’s employer brand. Also, I was able to apply learnings from the course directly to my daily work. The network of people I’ve met and thought-provoking discussions we had, made taking the employer branding course a wonderful experience."

Joy Wildemans, 

Recruitment Marketeer - Employer Branding at Deloitte

“I had been following Universum’s updates for a while and had always been impressed, and was keen to deepen my knowledge of employer branding, so enrolled in their course. The course was fantastic. It’s given a great framework to use and the quality of the content was superb – the case studies were current and practical and can be used for a great range of industries. It’s been one of the best professional development courses I’ve done and the tools and frameworks can be applied to a lot of initiatives – not just employer branding – so it’s well worth it. It was also just really enjoyable – didn’t really feel like study.”

Steven Burrows, 

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, Treasury Wine Estates

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"Contrary to popular misbelief that companies now have more say in selecting candidates due to Covid-19; in reality it is the other way round as candidates have better access to opportunities through social media and employers are challenged to bring their best game and showcase what they've got to spark people's imaginations and offer a deeply rewarding journey.  Having gone through the Employer Branding Academy journey, not only did I learn how to craft an attractive, distinctive, credible and sustainable EVP, I became a much better storyteller and was largely inspired by thee best-in-class and relevant examples sourced by Universum from all around the world." 

Ricky Cheung, 

Corporate Director, Talent Acquisition, Rosewood Hotel Group

“The World Class Employer Branding course was a great opportunity to deepen my knowledge and expertise in employer branding and recruitment marketing.

The material provided great insights on how to build, activate, and measure an organization's employer brand in a smooth and efficient manner.”

Anna Bertoldini, 

Senior Global Employer Branding Specialist at Glovo


"The Academy was super important to understand that we are on the right track regarding our Employer Branding Strategy. Although I know it will be a long journey, after the certification, the will is even greater and congratulations to the academy for the way they organized everything."

João Antunes, 

Head of Talent Acquisition, Inditex

Whether you’re just starting out in Employer Branding space or someone who’s worked in the industry for a few years, this is a great way to ensure your working style is more strategic with clear, measurable objectives that showcase the impact of your work. 

I enjoyed the flexible setup, and the resources were super valuable to the work I do. The final project was the best part for me! I was able to reference everything I had learnt to develop a work solution I can now utilize in my role. I also had the opportunity to connect with professionals from a range of industries – it was great to share ideas, network and learn more about the challenges they faced.

Sanou Njie, 

Campus Relations Specialist at UBS

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A Case Study

How Caroline raised the profile of EY Ireland's Employer Branding and won awards for it

“Thanks to Employer Branding Academy, I am now 100% more confident in the area of Employer Branding”

Caroline McAniff, Head of Recruitment & Employer Branding at EY Ireland, was one of the participants in our Employer Branding Academy back in 2016.


We got in touch with her for an interview to see where she is now and what has been going on since the training.


If curious about what kind of role the EBA can play for you, this is is a great inside look into one of many unique journeys. 

Download the case study

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