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Employer Branding Academy

Successful organizations today realize that Employer Branding plays an essential part of any company’s overall strategy. At the same time, the talent market is changing quickly and the field of Employer Branding is becoming increasingly complex.

Our history

Who can say that they are powered by an agency with over 30 years of Employer Branding experience, built by some of the leading actors and shapers of Employer Branding? Who can say that they teach a methodology that is based on proven, data-driven practices and deliveries?  


We can. 


Employer Branding Academy by Universum was founded in 2014 and has since then quickly grown. The Academy has now certified over 1400 participants around the globe from more than 700 of the world’s largest and most progressive employers, in a market that is quickly maturing. 


Meet the Team

Eva Carlsson_round.png

Eva Carlson

Product Owner &

EBA Trainer

Axel Keulertz_Foto_sw.jpg

Axel Keulertz

EBA Trainer


Richard Mosley

Global Account Director & EBA Advisor

MicrosoftTeams-image (8).png

Madeleine von Wowern

Digital Marketing Manager

Andrew bw_round.png

Andrew Murray

Global Content Manager


Benjamin Morgan

Global Content Manager

Petter bw_round.png

Petter Granqvist

Head of Brand and Digital Marketing

Market Unit Representatives


Claes Peyron


Kortney bw_round.png

Kortney Kutsop


Mike bw_round.png

Mike Parsons



Tina Smetana


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