About Us

Successful organizations today realize that Employer Branding plays an essential part of any company’s overall strategy. At the same time, the talent market is changing quickly and the field of Employer branding is becoming increasingly complex.

The Employer Branding Academy was founded in 2014. Our goal is to help HR and marketing professionals get to the grips with the fundamentals of brand management, and bring you up to speed with the latest trends and tools. We also want to create a unique network of people practising in the same field that can share experience and best practices.

The Employer Branding Academy is created by Universum, the global leader in Employer Branding. Using knowledge from global thought leaders, coaches and professionals, our courses are a uniquely blended format that educates and certifies HR, Talent and Marketing Professionals. Our courses provide participants with the skills and expertise needed to attract and retain today’s top talent.

“Employer branding is on the rise and we as a company see the need to invest more in the community. The majority of employers realize they can no longer make assumptions regarding how they attract and retain talent and that is why they are reaching out to us for answers. Whether you are new to employer branding or you wish to sharpen your skillset, Employer Branding Academy should be the first point of call for those in the talent attraction industry”.

- Karl-Johan Hasselström, Global COO, Universum 

Meet The Team


Eva Carlson

Product Owner


Elena Borta

Client Success Manager


Richard Rosengren

Business Development & Sales


Josif Josifov

Digital Marketing Manager