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Fundamentals of Talent Strategy:
Part 2 - Implementation

Having a talent strategy is more important than ever.


A world in constant development - whether cultural, technological or ways of working - requires organizations to be adaptable and agile. Fundamentally, they must understand how to navigate the talent landscape if they are to survive and thrive. After all, finding the right people to work for your organization, and getting them stay, is easier said than done.


Building a strategy that attracts the very best talent to your organization is a science. Where to start?


This is where our crash courses in the fundamentals of talent strategy comes in.


This course - “Part 2 – Implementation” - will continue the journey started in Part 1 by guiding you on how to execute your talent strategy. We’ll talk about telling your company’s story and attracting new talent in a step-by step manner. Importantly, we’ll also look at engaging existing employees and activating them as brand ambassadors to strengthen your talent attraction efforts.

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