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Elevate any Employer Brand to new heights with our category leading approach.

Gain a competitive advantage

Access unique insights into the practical and strategic aspects of Employer Branding, all based on our leading methodology and global expertise.

Develop a toolkit that will last a lifetime

Work through all components of strategic employer brand management. This actionable approach backed by key frameworks and case studies can always be resused, no matter what stage you are at.

Engage with a global group of professionals

Connect with other course-takers as part of the scheduled group run during our interactive calls hosted by the EBA Team and Universum experts.

Who is this online course for?

It doesn’t matter whether your company is a small business or a large multinational corporation. The skills you’ll learn can be applied to any situation where you have to attract the right talent to your organization. Learn the right way to do Employer Branding. 


This course is great for:​

  • Employer Brand Managers/ Specialists

  • Talent Acquisition Managers/ Directors

  • Marketing & Communications Managers

  • HR Generalists & HR Managers

  • People & Culture Managers

"Having gone through the Employer Branding Academy journey, not only did I learn how to craft an attractive, distinctive, credible and sustainable EVP, I became a much better storyteller and I was largely inspired by the best-in-class and relevant examples sourced by Universum from all around the world."

Ricky Cheung, 

Corporate Director, Talent Acquisition, Rosewood Hotel Group

ricky cheung from rosewood hotel group

Choose from two online course formats

Self-Paced Course  
with Certification

  • Access to full course material

  • 2 webinar recordings

  • 9 months on-demand access

  • EBA Team Support

  • Final Project Assignment & Feedback from the EBA Team

  • Certification & Diploma

995 EUR

Scheduled Group Run
with Certification*

  • Access to full course material

  • 9 months on-demand access

  • EBA Team Support

  • Final Project Assignment & Feedback from the EBA Team

  • Certification & Diploma

  • 4 interactive group calls with course peers, hosted by EBA trainers and guest speakers.

1,495 EUR

Limited seats - March 2024

*More information about the course further below

The course prices do not include VAT, per Swedish legislation, 25% VAT will be added to the course price. Direct access to the course is only available for credit card payments (within 24 hours after payment) for the self-paced courses, for the Scheduled Group Run, you will have access to the course shortly before the beginning of the program . For invoices requests, please expect your invoice within a week. You will get access to the course once the invoice is paid.

Course Description

The learning journey takes you through our "9-step model." This structured approach carefully encapsulates the key actions required to build or optimize any employer branding strategy.


No matter which stage you are at, you can identify what steps you need to prioritize, pinpoint elements that may need to be revisited or added, and get instructions on how to be more data-driven.


Below you can explore the 4 modules of our online course.


Online self-paced

20-25 hours (based on alumni feedback)



Professionals with basic understanding or experience of Employer Branding



  • 4 modules

  • 1.5 hours on-demand videos

  • 2 recorded webinars OR 4 live group calls

  • 40+ downloadable resources (optional reading)

  • 20 real case studies

  • 10+ templates

  • 10 self-check quizzes


This module will give you an understanding of the value of Employer Branding and the key steps you need to take

to establish a robust foundation for your Employer Brand strategy.

  • Understand the value of Employer Branding

  • Identify the talent your organization needs to succeed

  • Review the current status of your Employer Brand

employer branding academy diploma for certification

How does the certification work?

The final project is where you will apply what you have learnt by putting together a case based on your organization! We will provide you with some topics and ideas to choose from. This is a brilliant opportunity to identify something that you need to do in your organization, and create an actionable idea and plan! 


The EBA team will review your project upon submission and provide you with some feedback and tips. Also, if it meets the final project requirements you will receive your digital diploma! If anything is missing, we will give you some pointers to help you cross the finish line!

Scheduled Group Run

The scheduled run includes 4 virtual "Group Calls" and a Certification session (in addition to the online course).

Connect with the team and with fellow course peers!

These interactive calls provide you with a more engaging

and collaborative learning experience. The EBA instructors

(your hosts) will walk you through key concepts from the

course modules, and moderate discussion and Q&A.


A new employer branding expert from Universum will also be

invited to each call as guest speaker to share stories and tips!


We look forward to meeting you and giving you the chance to

connect with like-minded professionals in this learning environment!


Scheduled Group Run Spring 2024: March 6 – May 29

  • Kick-Off, Group Call 1: March 6

  • Group Call 2: March 20

  • Group Call 3: April 10

  • Group Call 4: April 24

  • Certification Call: May 29

*All calls will take place at 3-5/5.30pm Central European Time

EBA Instructors

Eva Carlsson employer branding academy

Eva Carlson

Product Owner &

EBA Trainer

Axel Keulertz employer branding academy

Axel Keulertz

Senior Employer Branding Advisor 

EBA Trainer

online course module descriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for the course? 
For how long do I have access to the platform? 
I can’t login to my account – what do I do? 
I paid, but I haven’t received the email invitation to the online course.
Has your course access ended? 
How much time do I need to put into the course? 
What is the difference between the self-paced course and the scheduled group run?
If I certify before my 9-month access period, does that mean I will lose access to the course after certification?
What if I can’t attend one of the group calls in the scheduled group run?
What are the criteria to get certified? 
How will I know that my final project meets certification standards? 
What happens when my project passes? 
Do I need to complete/fill out all the exercises and templates provided in the course? 
There is lot of Dig Deeper material of downloadable articles and reports. Do I need to read all of these? 
Do I need to follow a schedule? How should I plan my time? 
When do I need to pass the certification? 
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