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Employer Branding Academy is offering you a set of free express courses. We call these EBAx. 

The EBAx courses provide you with both theoretical and practical guidance on some of the many critical topics within the Employer Branding space. They're meant to help you understand the topic at hand (what it is and why it matters), as well as guide you on how to apply it to your work. 


Each course is hosted on the e-learning platform Learnifier – all you need to do is register to gain access! 

More courses will be released over the year to come.

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Fundamentals of Talent Strategy
Part 1: The Foundation

Building a strategy that attracts the very best talent to your organization is a science. But where do you start? 

Fundamentals of Talent Strategy 

Part 2: Implementation

This course will continue the journey started in Part 1 by guiding you on how to execute on your talent strategy.

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Localizing an Employer
Value Proposition

Strategic employers are taking more targeted approaches to attracting talent of specific markets and profiles. But how does this work? Whether or not you have an EVP today, what do you need to consider?

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