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Inquire about training for your team:

The Employer Branding Academy sets the global standard in Employer Branding certification


We have certified over 1400 participants, including some of the world’s most attractive employers. We have also certified professionals from single organizations as a group. With 10-20 of your employees, this training can provide a cohesive opportunity to upskill your team in the field of Employer Branding.


The course is powered by leading Employer Branding experts equipped with the most up-to-date tools, trends, and practical insights within the field. By taking our course together, teams across functions and regions will gain an aligned understanding of strategic Employer Branding, the role that they play, and the actions they can take to build their organization’s Employer Brand.


The opportunities to engage and work together as part of the course will also spark collaboration beyond just the training, as they will walk away with ideas that are ready to put to practice.


Ask us about providing your employees with this learning and development package today!

Employer Brand Management
Team Training

Flexible starting dates that can be adapted to your team


The program is a blended format, which means a mix of self-paced online modules and interactive touchpoints. The program can span anywere from 10 weeks to 4 months depending on your needs*, so that your employees can pace themselves and apply their learnings to their work and final project.

employer branding academy onlie course module description


Access to our online course in a private, branded setting, where participants can easily navigate our content-rich modules and find practical information about the training.

Live webinars

Two live, interactive webinars will be held and hosted by the EBA team: one to kick-off the program with the team, another to reconnect and mark the halfway point. 

Certification & Diploma

Once the EBA team provides participants with feedback on their final project, we will facilitate a certification session during which everyone will present their final projects and get the chance to feedback and discuss. At this time we will award everyone with our diploma. 

* We will decide the program dates and times together with you.

Course Content

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This module will give you an understanding of the value of Employer Branding and the key steps you need to take

to establish a robust foundation for your Employer Brand strategy.

  • Understand the value of Employer Branding

  • Identify the talent your organization needs to succeed

  • Review the current status of your Employer Brand

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This module will help you identify your objectives, and define your value proposition in order to

strategically build a stronger Employer Brand case and deliver more effectively on the key talent

needs of your organization.

  • Set your strategic objectives and KPIs

  • Develop your employer value proposition (EVP)

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This module will help you to communicate the right message to the right people through the right media.

  • Establish the right visual identity for your Employer Brand

  • Develop your Employer Brand activation plan

  • Create personas and localize your Employer Branding


This module will show how to communicate to and gain the support of your teams, help you focus on getting your organization to deliver the right experience, and ultimately measure your success.

  • Brief and enable your management stakeholders

  • Align the brand experience

  • Evaluate and evolve your strategy

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Start using the knowledge and tools you have acquired during the course. The final exercise is a real case study, where you apply your knowledge, tools and structure.

•  The final exercise for course graduation
•  Presented live or during an interactive webinar
•  Receive useful feedback from our experienced Employer Branding Academy team

Who is the team training solution for?

If your organization has employees involved in your Employer Branding that are:

·       New to the field

·       And/or spread out geographically

·       And/or need a platform to start collaborating more


Then this could serve as a perfect venue to tackle some of the challenges typically faced by the above common scenarios.


The skills and insights they will learn are based on Employer Branding Academy’s global framework, which can be applied to any situation and organization.

This training will be valuable for any of the following roles:

·    Employer Branding Managers

·    Talent Acquisition/Attraction

·    Marketing & Communications

·    HR Directors/Generalists/Managers

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employer branding academy diploma


When you have completed the course you will hold a unique diploma, giving you a globally recognized qualification within the field of Employer Branding.

Employer Branding Training for a leading international wholesale company

METRO wanted to upskill the HR community and accelerate the Employer Value Proposition development among METRO/MAKRO countries and saw the opportunity for this through Employer Branding Academy.

"We chose Universum and its Employer Branding Academy as our partner to up/re skill our HR community across our 23 METRO/MAKRO Countries. Well-designed, quality content provided through the platform was enhanced by weekly live digital sessions and has led to the overall improvement of the skills of our HR colleagues. Sharing best practices between countries combined with the significant insights from Universum experts created an interactive community that maintains even after the EBA. I appreciate the qualitative data and knowledge provided through the course and the desirable feedback from all the participants. I am proud of the countries’ inspiring final projects and look forward to seeing the implementation in 2022."

metro case study with employer branding academy
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