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📢 IMPORTANT NOTE if you work at an employer branding or recruitment agency: Universum's Employer Branding Academy certification course is meticulously crafted for organizations seeking to fortify their employer brand. Our mission is to arm professionals with the tools to refine their internal strategies effectively. However, it is imperative to clarify the scope of eligibility and usage. Our course is not tailored for organizations seeking to replicate our methodologies for commercial purposes, particularly those akin to Universum or offering similar services. For clarity, competitors encompass entities involved in employer branding, recruiting services, or any activities that significantly overlap with ours, regardless of size. (As for Services and Deliverables relating to Academy). While some competiting organizations may genuinely aim to enhance their employer brand without intending direct competition, we must exercise prudence. Therefore, we reserve the right to scrutinize registrations and may exclude entities labeled as competitors, irrespective of their professed intentions. This is essential to safeguard the integrity of our learning environment and protect the interests of all participants. We prioritize fostering a positive educational atmosphere while respecting the unique brand identities of each organization. By participating in our course, you acknowledge and adhere to these principles.

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