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How to use Talent Data
in Employer Branding

"Data-Driven Employer Branding." There's a chance you've come across this catch phrase. And yes, it's picking up.

In 2023, 40% of organizations that Universum surveyed as part of its yearly EB Now survey say they “always” make data-driven decisions — a more than twofold increase in four years. And this year, an additional 48% say they “frequently” make decisions based on data (meaning a total of 88% are “always” or “frequently” doing this).

When it comes to your Employer Branding, data is crucial. Data is tangible, and owning the right data enables you to make effective data-driven decisions to reach and engage your primary target groups. Regardless of whether you have a strategy in place, if you lack the right talent to drive it home then it can become time consuming and a financial strain. 

But what does it mean to be data-driven? And more specifically, how do you apply external talent data to your Employer Branding? What data do you need? How does it help?

In this course, we'll unpack the "what and why" of data and what it can offer your company, and ultimately go through some examples of how you can use it in practice.

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