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The Importance of Employer Value Proposition Localization – EBAx Course 3

In today's globalized business landscape, companies are broadening their perspectives, exploring, and expanding into new markets, and interacting with exceptionally diverse target audiences. A one-size-fits-all strategy for Employer Branding is no longer relevant in this current landscape. This is where the term Employer Value Proposition Localization has risen in popularity and practice, proving that your EVP needs to be adapted to the markets you serve. This article defines EVP localization, explains its importance, and offers best practices to make your company’s EVP successful worldwide.

EVP Localization – What does it mean?

At a high level, EVP localization refers to adapting and customizing the Employee Value Proposition to accommodate the distinct attributes and desires of various target audiences worldwide. While a company's Employer Brand is often defined by its overall EVP, localization allows you to tailor your EVP to market specific preferences, cultural norms, differentiate yourself from other local competitors, and much more.

Now that we have an idea of the high-level definition of EVP localization, why is it important for global companies to adapt their EVP locally?

  • Attractiveness to Diverse External Target Groups: The preferences and desires of various external target groups differ throughout the world. Through localizing the EVP, businesses can attract a wider range of potential talent. It also allows the workers in that specific market to feel their preferences, opinions, cultural norms, and goals are respected from the potential employer, increasing the number of applicants wanting to work for you.

  • Preserving Authenticity: By adapting your EVP to the local market, you can preserve authenticity among your EVP, and entire Employer Brand. Thinking back to previous EBAx courses, what does it take to have talent believe in your Employer Brand? They look for something that is authentic, credible, unique, and strategic – not just something that sounds nice, but can be seen and believed.

  • Competitive Differentiation: Local competitors are unavoidable for businesses in an international environment. According to Universum’s Employer Branding NOW 2023 Report, talent shortages are at a 17 year high. It goes without saying, but if you are not localizing your EVP and differentiating yourself from competitors, you will not succeed in attracting, recruiting, and retaining top tier talent, especially with such extreme talent shortages. Fine tuning your EVP to the local market shows that the company values its employees worldwide and is willing to adapt to their local preferences and desires – as opposed to companies with a one size fits all EVP.

  • Recognizing Social Norms and Preferences: Building off the above, social norms and values vary by market. Respecting these cultural norms is crucial to developing a favourable Employer Brand and will go a long way in the success of talent acquisition. Universum’s World’s Most Attractive Employers highlights these differences concisely. The data shows that some countries prioritize competitive base salary and high future earnings, while others prioritize work-life balance and flexible work conditions – showing just how crucial it is to localize your EVP with market specific preferences.

Although these are just some of the many reasons that EVP Localization is important, there are so many more! EBAx Course 3, Localizing an Employer Value Proposition, expands on these points in quick and fun way to learn! Take the course today!

Lastly, as the article is wrapping up, it is important to consider some best practices for your EVP Localization Communication strategy.

Tailoring Communication Strategies:

When localizing your EVP, it's crucial to adjust your communication strategy to meet the specific needs of your target audience and the local environment. This includes:

  1. Enhancing Local-Specific Features: Incorporate unique features of a certain market into your EVP to make it more appealing to the local talent pool.

  2. Highlighting Key EVP Components: Identify and emphasize EVP components that resonate with important target audiences in each region.

  3. Using Regional Examples: Enhance your EVP by incorporating regional examples, stories, and reasons to believe in your messaging.

  4. Maintaining Consistency: Modify communication materials to align with the local style and aesthetic while ensuring overall EVP consistency throughout the organization for brand identification and continuity.

And so much more! While this article just scratches the surface of the importance of EVP Localization, we encourage you to dive even deeper into the topic by taking EBAx Course 3! Sign up for the free course here, and learn all you need to know about EVP Localization!

EVP Localization is not just a trend, but a critical strategic tool for global businesses. It enables you to connect with diverse target groups and regions effectively, leading to stronger Employer Branding and a competitive edge in the talent market.

If you still have more questions, or are wondering how you can localize your EVP, our team would be more than happy to help you get started and provide you with additional information. Contact us today!

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