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Internal Activation of the Employer Value Proposition

The Employer Value Proposition (EVP), is defined as the set of qualities that you, as an employer, want to be known for and associated with. Think of it as your company’s core identity as an employer. It commonly takes the form of a core proposition, supported by 3-5 pillars or key messages. The EVP then serves as a tool to help an employer deliver on internal and external talent touch points in a consistent manner. 

While the above is the technical definition and description, other times it is simply referred to as the "give-and-get" model. This is essentially what an organization ’gives’ to its employees and what they ’get’ in return.

The external activation of the EVP is critical in attracting and recruiting top talent, and the internal activation is the starting point for employee engagement, satisfaction, retainment, and long-term success.

External vs. Internal Activation of your EVP

External activation of the EVP involves showcasing the organization's unique offerings to prospective employees and the general public. This is on display through your external brand building, marketing, and recruitment efforts/ campaigns. While external activation is no doubt important in attracting top talent, internal activation brings these promises to life and makes your EVP an authentic reflection of the internal experience.

So what then is internal activation, and how can you bring your EVP to life from the inside out? Activating your EVP internally is about delivering on the promises to your current workforce. It is ensuring that the organization's culture, benefits, and growth structure (and more) are not just statements on your website and social media, but actual experiences and shared opinions by your employees. When an organization promotes its EVP internally, it fosters a work environment that promotes positivity and productivity. This, in turn, strengthens the employer brand and attracts and retains talent.

The "Give-and-Get" Model – Bring the words to life!

At the core of internal activation of the EVP is the "give-and-get" model. This concept reflects the relationship between employers and employees. Employees "give" their time, skills, expertise, and commitment, and in return, they "get" compensation, benefits, growth opportunities, and an enjoyable work environment.

Organizations must promote and honor their part of the deal by actively delivering what they promise – bringing the words to life! If the company fails to provide the opportunities and benefits they promise, employees will increasingly lose engagement, and turn to organizations that commit to their offerings. Conversely, when an organization lives up to its promises, engagement, productivity, and loyalty are increased.

Benefits of Internal Activation

Employee Satisfaction: When employees experience the promises highlighted in the EVP, they are more likely to be satisfied with their job and continue their journey with the company. High employee satisfaction is a strong driver of retention.

Productivity and Engagement: Engaged employees are more productive and committed to their roles. A strong EVP delivered internally enhances engagement, resulting in better overall performance.

Attracting Top Talent: Happy and engaged employees become brand ambassadors. They recommend their organization to friends and professional networks, making it easier for the company to attract top talent.

Organizational Culture: An authentic EVP reinforces the organization's culture. It aligns employees with the company's values, fostering a sense of belonging and pride.

Cost Savings: High turnover can be costly. When organizations deliver on their EVP internally, they reduce recruitment and training expenses associated with constant turnover.

With so many benefits to the internal activation of your EVP, how can you succeed in internal activation?

To effectively activate the EVP internally, organizations can consider the following strategies:

Transparency: Be transparent about what employees will ’get’ from the organization and be dedicated to making sure that the real-life experiences matches the promises made.

Employee Feedback: Continuously seek feedback from employees to understand their needs and concerns. Use this input to adapt and improve the EVP. As mentioned in other articles featured on the Employer Branding Academy Blog, the EVP is not a ‘set it and forget’ initiative – it is something that requires constant measurement and adaptation that matches the current trends and preferences sought after by talent.

Professional Development: Provide opportunities for upskilling and career growth. Investing in employees' futures is a key part of the "give" in the "give-and-get" model.

Work-Life Balance: Encourage a healthy work-life balance through policies and practices that prioritize well-being. This can include wellness days, team events unrelated to work, and more!

The internal activation of the EVP is a critical area in employee retention and satisfaction. Organizations that live up to their promises and create a positive, engaging work environment will quickly see the loyalty, motivation, and productivity increase in their employees. Interested in learning more about internal activation, or have another other EVP related questions? Contact our team today to learn more!

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