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Creating Experts through Experts: The Importance of Employer Branding Mentors

Employer Branding is continuing to increase in priority year over year. Did you know, according to Universum’s most recent World’s Most Attractive Employers Survey, that a staggering 78% of respondents stated Employer Branding is now a top priority for 2023? While many companies understand the significance of having a strong Employer Brand, developing, maintaining, and refining one may be quite difficult, and at times confusing.

This is where utilizing an Employer Branding Mentor will without a doubt help you in this quest to build a strong and reputable Employer Brand. These mentors have years of expertise in the field, and can provide you with advice, insights, tips, tricks, and everything in between to ensure that you are creating the Employer Brand you want.

However, where, and how can you connect with an Employer Brand Mentor? Thankfully, the Employer Branding Academy has you covered with our Employer Brand Management course!

If you are unfamiliar with our Employer Brand Management course, here is a brief overview:

This online course offers a competitive advantage by providing you with all relevant information on both the strategic and practical aspects of Employer Branding. Participants gain the knowledge they need to be champions in the field.

This fall, The Employer Branding Academy is providing you with an extremely beneficial twist on our classic Employer Brand Management course – Scheduled Group Runs! During these group calls, you will be able to speak with all participants, and learn from the Academy’s Employer Branding Mentors who will be with you to answer questions, provide valuable lessons, and turn you into an Employer Branding expert through their expertise!

Who are our Employer Branding Mentors?

We are pleased to introduce you to two of our Employer Branding Mentors, Richard Mosley and Claes Peyron, who will be kicking off the first session of the scheduled group run – an opportunity you surely do not want to miss!

Richard Mosley: Global Account Director and Employer Branding Academy Advisor

When it comes to Employer Branding, Richard Mosley is one of the names that stands out the most. Richard has shaped the strategies of many successful organizations thanks to his years of expertise and vast knowledge of this field. Authoring numerous books on Employer Branding, Richard is without a doubt one of the best mentors around, and his invaluable insights can ensure who are equipped with the best knowledge possible. Whether you consider yourself an expert already, or are new to the topic, the teachings and takeaways Richard provides guarantee that you will learn many new things despite your current level of comprehension.

Claes Peyron: Managing Director, Nordics UK and Ireland, and Employer Branding Academy Market Unit Representative

In his role, Claes advises organizations on how to leverage their Employer Brands and secure current and future talent needs. Claes is a gifted and knowledgeable speaker who regularly speaks at conferences on Employer Branding and talent trends around the world. In addition, he leads The Employer Branding Academy, providing new and relevant material and ensuring all participants are equipped with the most recent Employer Branding trends. Claes has helped many companies with their Employer Branding efforts, and the skills he possesses are truly beneficial for all participants.

Now that you’ve briefly met our Employer Branding mentors, why are they important and what can they help with?

Let’s forget Employer Branding for a moment. With anything in life, having a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced mentor is what will allow you to truly excel. When it comes to Employer Branding, it is important to learn from the best in order to be the best – and that is why have these mentors is important. Here are some reasons why we believe taking the time to register for our course and learning from Richard and Claes will be extremely beneficial for you and your company.

1. Relevant, Useful Advice from Seasoned Professionals

Although theory and concepts are the foundation of every learning experience, the genuine learning occurs when those concepts are applied in the real world. Richard and Claes have navigated the complex field of Employer Branding, overseeing many challenges and providing effective solutions. Participants benefit from their mentoring by having unmatched access to their practical knowledge, which enables them to successfully apply theory to practice.

2. Tailored Advice for Different Needs

Every company is different, with its own cultures, ideals, and difficulties. Employer

Branding strategies that are universally applicable rarely produce the best outcomes. Participants in an Employer Branding management course can get tailored advice catered to the unique needs of their organization by working with mentors like Mosley and Peyron. This attention to detail guarantees that the tactics acquired are not only applicable but also adaptable to the conditions of the company.

3. Remaining Current with Market Trends

Employer Branding is a dynamic and ever-changing field. For organizations looking to maintain a competitive edge in the talent market, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Our mentors in Employer Branding contribute not only their experiences but also their expertise in the newest trends and industry standards. Participants gain useful knowledge of what's not working, and what's coming up, ensuring that their strategies continue to be applicable.

4. Collaborative learning through networking

Learning is not limited to in-person or online classes. Mentoring in Employer Branding encourages participants to work together and develop a feeling of community. Interaction with mentors and other participants fosters a collaborative atmosphere where ideas can be exchanged, problems can be debated, and solutions can be produced. This networking component improves the learning process and gives participants a network of support long after the course is over.

In today's highly competitive recruiting environment, the need for Employer Branding Mentors cannot be emphasized enough. Professionals with extensive backgrounds in Employer Branding, can help organizations achieve success in this area. The scheduled group run of our Employer Branding Management course can benefit all participants by learning from these mentors.

Would you like to learn from the best there is? Sign up for the course and the scheduled group run and receive 15% off the regular price!

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