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An EVP for Gen Z!

Generation Z is the name class of the generation born between the years of 1997 and 2010. While the 90’s babies are starting to near 30 (yes, you read that right), we are starting to see the latter end of Gen Z babies begin post-secondary, graduate, and enter the workforce in large numbers. Because of this, employers must understand how to structure and convey their Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to resonate with this generation. Here are some tips for crafting your EVP to meet the desires of Generation Z:

Highlight opportunities for learning, development, and growth

The ambitious and keen desire in learning new skills displayed by Generation Z is well known. Your EVP should highlight prospects for advancement inside your company to attract and retain this group. This can involve things like access to resources for continued education, mentorship opportunities, and training programs. It's also crucial to emphasize the opportunity for professional progression inside your organization. ‘Growth, learning, and development’ are among the top 10 desired attributes in an employer (WMAE 2022) and should not be taken lightly when drafting an EVP to resonate with this target group.

Place a focus on flexibility and work-life balance

The opportunity to have flexibility in their work schedules and to maintain a good work-life balance are important to Generation Z. Your EVP should highlight the ways in which your business supports work-life balance, by allowing for flexible scheduling or remote work. The ways in which your business helps its workers live fulfilling personal lives, such as via health initiatives or family-friendly policies, can also be highlighted.

Display a workplace that is inclusive and diverse

The most diverse generation in history, Generation Z, places significant importance on inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Your EVP should highlight the methods in which your business fosters a diverse and inclusive workplace, including employee resource groups, training programs, and diversity initiatives. A diverse leadership team should also be highlighted, as should the way your business values other viewpoints and experiences.

Place a focus on sustainability and social responsibility

Generation Z is deeply committed to social responsibility and sustainability, and they seek employment with organizations that have similar ideals. The way your business is dedicated to having a beneficial influence on society and the environment should be highlighted in your EVP. This can involve things like CSR campaigns, sustainability initiatives, and community engagement programs.

Emphasize your positive workplace culture

Generation Z is looking for employers who share their values and have a strong corporate culture. The ways in which your business promotes cooperation, collaboration, and a healthy work environment should be highlighted in your EVP. Additionally, you may highlight your business culture in marketing materials, social media postings, and employee endorsements.

Provide market-competitive pay and benefits

In addition to seeking possibilities for advancement, Generation Z also wants to be appropriately rewarded for their labour. The competitive pay and benefits packages that your business provides, including items like health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off, should be highlighted by your EVP. It's also critical to draw attention to any special benefits or advantages that your business provides, such on-site childcare or complimentary meals. While this also holds importance, keep in mind that not every organization can offer the highest salary, and that is why it is extremely important to highlight other positive attributes in your EVP to allow for tradeoffs.

Implement innovation and technology

The first generation to have grown up with technology is Generation Z, and they are drawn to careers in innovative businesses. Your EVP should place a strong emphasis on how your business is utilizing technology to spur innovation and boost productivity. You may also draw attention to any chances for staff members to work on innovative projects or make use of new technology.

In conclusion, it's critical for companies to understand how to customize their EVP to appeal to Generation Z as they enter the workforce. Employers can develop an EVP that will draw and keep top talent from this generation by focusing on opportunities for growth and development, work-life balance, diversity and inclusion, social responsibility and sustainability, company culture, competitive compensation and benefits, and technology and innovation.

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