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The Employer Branding Academy sets the global standard in Employer Branding certification


We have certified 1400 participants across a range of roles, including from some of the world’s most attractive employers. 


Boost your credibility and your internal case, and advance your knowledge, role and career within the field of Employer Branding by joining our online Employer Branding certification course. The course is powered by Employer Branding experts, and it is equipped with the most up-to-date tools, trends, and practical insights within the field of Employer Branding.


Start your Employer Branding journey with us today.

Employer Brand Management

€995 *

* The course prices do not include VAT, per Swedish legislation,

25% VAT will be added to the course price.

Here's a sneak peak from the online training!


The course consists of 4 modules, framed by two webinar video recordings and the final live, interactive Certification. You have access for 9 months, which means you can work comfortably and flexibly around your schedule. ​​
The time spent overall varies on how much you explore the extra "dig deeper" material, but you might expect to spend 20-30 hours. Given the 9-month time-frame, it's an excellent opportunity to explore the current status of your organization’s Employer Brand and start taking actions in parallel with the topics and steps you learn in the course!​
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Videos and webinar recordings


Certification & Diploma

Access to our online course where you can easily navigate our content-rich modules and find practical information about the program and final project instructions.

Two recorded webinars, and 12+ videos throughout featuring Universum experts’ advice on specific course topics.​

Access to a global network of EBA participants and alumni, provided opportunities to connect and engage with the community and EBA representatives.​

Once the EBA team provides you with feedback on your final project, we will facilitate one final call for you to present a summary to the group! At this time we will award you with our unique, global diploma.​

Course Content




This module will give you an understanding of the value of Employer Branding and the key steps you need to take

to establish a robust foundation for your Employer Brand strategy.

  • Understand the value of Employer Branding

  • Identify the talent your organization needs to succeed

  • Review the current status of your Employer Brand




This module will help you identify your objectives, and define your value proposition in order to

strategically build a stronger Employer Brand case and deliver more effectively on the key talent

needs of your organization.

  • Set your strategic objectives and KPIs

  • Develop your employer value proposition (EVP)




This module will help you to communicate the right message to the right people through the right media.

  • Establish the right visual identity for your Employer Brand

  • Develop your Employer Brand activation plan

  • Create personas and localize your Employer Branding


This module will show how to communicate to and gain the support of your teams, help you focus on getting your organization to deliver the right experience, and ultimately measure your success.

  • Brief and enable your management stakeholders

  • Align the brand experience

  • Evaluate and evolve your strategy





Start using the knowledge and tools you have acquired during the course. The final exercise is a real case study, where you apply your knowledge, tools and structure.

•  The final exercise for course graduation
•  Presented live or during an interactive webinar
•  Receive useful feedback from our experienced Employer Branding Academy team

Who is the course for?

If you’re a talent attraction, HR, communications or Employer Branding professional, this Employer Branding training is for you. 


It doesn’t matter whether your company is a small firm or a large multinational corporation with offices around the world. The skills you’ll learn can be applied to any situation where you have to attract the best talent to your organization.

So if you belong to any of the following job roles, this training will be valuable for you:

  • Employer Branding Managers & Employer Branding Specialists

  • Talent Acquisition / Attraction Managers

  • Marketing & Communications Managers

  • HR Directors, HR Generalists & HR Managers

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When you have completed the course you will hold a unique diploma, giving you a globally recognized qualification within the field of Employer Branding.

What others think

CHEUNG Ka Ki Ricky.jpg

"Contrary to popular misbelief that companies now have more say in selecting candidates due to Covid-19; in reality it is the other way round as candidates have better access to opportunities through social media and employers are challenged to bring their best game and showcase what they've got to spark people's imaginations and offer a deeply rewarding journey.


Having gone through the Employer Branding Academy journey, not only did I learn how to craft an attractive, distinctive, credible and sustainable EVP, I became a much better storyteller and I was largely inspired by the best-in-class and relevant examples sourced by Universum from all around the world."

— Ricky Cheung,

Corporate Director, Talent Acquisition, Rosewood Hotel Group

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