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Localizing an Employer
Value Proposition

The world is moving towards hyper-targeting.

As you may know, an Employer Value Proposition is a critical aspect of employer branding, as it defines the unique value that your organization offers to your employees. However, creating a compelling EVP is only the first step in building an effective employer brand. To make your EVP resonates with your local audience, you need to customize it to fit the local culture, language, and expectations.

This means the need for a localized and targeted approach for your Employer Value Proposition is a must. In light of increasing competition from local players, localization has furthermore become a fundamental part of any employer brand strategy. Organizations at the top of their employer branding game are mastering the skills of balancing global consistency with local relevance. 


Do you need to solidify your understanding of how EVP localization works? Do you need to learn how to approach it and how to educate your stakeholders?

Whether you have an EVP or not, this course will walk you through the key steps and necessities no matter your starting point so that you can be sure you set yourself up for success.

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