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Our course equips participants with a solid framework for strategic Employer Branding that will last a lifetime. Our structured approach carefully encapsulates the key actions required to build and optimize any employer branding strategy while bringing in many real-world examples of execution.

All participants work on a final project and can walk away with an actual plan of how they can build and optimize their employer brand. Regardless of your level of experience with employer branding, you can identify what steps you need to prioritize, pinpoint elements that may need to be revisited or added, and get guidance on how to be more data-driven with your approach.

  • Online self-paced

  • 15-20 hours (based on alumni feedback)

  • Access for 9 months

  • Professionals with basic understanding or experience of employer branding.

  • 4 modules

  • 1.5 hours on-demand videos

  • 2 webinar recordings

  • 40+ downloadable resources

  • 20 real case studies

  • 10+ templates

  • 10 self-check quizzes

Discover the Benefits of This Course

Learn why more than 1500 professionals has chosen Employer Branding Academy.

Employer Branding Academy students

Elevate your employer brand with our expert-led course and certification.

Get certified in:
Employer Brand Management

✔ Access to full course material

✔ 9 months on-demand access

✔ EBA Team Support

✔ Final Project Assignment & Feedback from the EBA Team

✔ Certification & Diploma

995 EUR

Certification – Put your new skills into practice!

Start using the knowledge and tools you have acquired during the course. The final exercise is a real case study, where you apply your knowledge, tools and structure towards an idea that you can use for your organization.

•  The final exercise is mandatory for course certification
•  Submit to our team for review
•  Receive feedback from our experienced Employer Branding Academy team on how to improve your plan

Employer Branding Academy Sample Certificate
How does the certification work?

The final project is where you will apply what you have learnt by putting together a plan for your organization! This is a brilliant opportunity to identify something that you need in your organization and walk away with an actionable plan you can start right away!

The EBA team will review your project upon submission and provide you with feedback and tips.
Also, if it meets the final project requirements you will receive your digital diploma.  If anything is missing, we will give you pointers to help you cross the finish line!

  • By invoice or credit card online. Kindly note that the invoice option is only available to those paying as an organization (not as a private individual).  

    After clicking the “Register Now” button, you will be presented with both options. From there, simply select ‘credit card payment’ or ‘invoice’. If selecting credit card payment, note that you will be redirected to our Stripe checkout form.  

  • 9 months from the date your online course invitation is sent to you.  

  • Make sure you are using the email address you used when you set up your login details to the online platform. If you don’t remember your password, you have the option to reset it. (If you have previously taken an EBAx course, you use the same login details.) 

  • Please note that the first thing you will receive is an email from the EBA team. Please follow the instructions in that email in order for us to create your eLearning account and send you your invite!  


    Please note that it may take up to 24 working hours before the email and invite get sent.

  • Your account is active for 9 months, after which it expires. For special cases, contact the support team at

  • This differs from person to person. It can range anywhere from 15 to 30 hours total, depending for instance on how much time you explore the optional material, or apply steps and templates to your work (also optional). Please note that all the “Dig Deeper” resources are not required reading, nor are you required to fill out the templates provided throughout the course.

  • No - if you still have time left within your 9-month period, you will continue to have access for the remaining time. For instance, if you complete the modules and submit your project in 4 months, you will still have access for the remaining 5 months.

  • The two objective criteria are: 

    1) Complete the 4 online modules 

    2) Put together a final case project (10-12 slide PPT) that you will submit to the EBA team. The project must be applied to your organization and demonstrate an understanding of any relevant learnings from the course that you have applied.  

  • The course provides you with a list of proposed topics, guidance and key requirements. Upon submitting your project, the EBA team will review it and confirm if it meets the requirements and that you have passed. Otherwise, we will provide you with some written tips and feedback to help you get it to the right level! 

    Even if your project passes right away, you will still receive some written feedback from us. 

  • You will be sent written, tailored feedback and tips from an EBA team reviewer, and you will also be sent your Diploma! We issue the EBA diplomas through the software TRUE. See example here.

  • No. These are resources that are available for you to download and use if you would like. You may save them for future use. Or, if any are relevant to your work and role and/or for your final project, then of course you may use them! 

  • No. The “Dig Deeper” material is all optional reading. 

  • There is no set schedule. Since the course is flexible and “always on”, you can manage your own time, as long as you complete the course and certify within your 9-month access timeframe. You may book 30 minutes a day, an hour a week, a study session on the weekend – whatever works best for you!  

  • You can certify "whenever" you are ready within your 9-month timeframe.

    Step 1: Submit your final project

    Step 2: The EBA team will review it and contact you within a week!

  • Below are some arguments.

    Participants will learn to make a real impact on your company by: 

    • Getting practical structure, tools and templates that they can use towards their work. 

    • Learning how to link strategic employer branding to your business needs. 

    • Upskilling themselves in how to be data-driven, develop an EVP, strategic collaboration between departments, and more. 

    • Crafting an actionable idea or plan that they can implement at the company. Plus, the EBA team provides tailored feedback and tips. 

    Why Employer Branding? 


    • 28% lower employee turnover (Source: LinkedIn) 

    • 50% lower cost per hire (Source: LinkedIn) 


    • Getting the RIGHT recruits leads to higher levels of employee engagement, which in turn is associated with 10% higher customer loyalty, 17% higher levels of productivity and 23% higher profitability. (Source: BCG 2024) 


    • Growth in ambassadors and referrals  

    • Increased ranking as attractive employer among competitors 

Frequently Asked Questions

Module 4 – Activate, align and adapt

This module will show how to communicate internally, gain the support of your teams, help you focus on getting your organization to deliver the right experience, and ultimately measure your success.


  • Brief and enable your management stakeholders

  • Align the internal employer brand experience with the external on

  • Evaluate and evolve your strategy

Module 3 – Plan your story

This module will help you to communicate the right message to the right people through the right media channels.


  • Create personas 

  •  Establish the right visual identity for your employer brand

  • Develop your employer brand activation plan

  • Localize/Target your Employer Branding 

Module 2 – Build your strategy

This module will help you identify your brand objectives and define your organization's value proposition to attract the key talent your organization needs more effectively.


  • Set your strategic objectives and KPIs

  • Develop your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) 

Module 1 – Prepare for the journey

This module will give you an understanding of the value of Employer Branding and the key steps you need to take to establish a robust foundation for your employer brand strategy.


  • Understand the value of Employer Branding

  • Identify the talent groups your organization needs to succeed

  • Review the current status of your employer brand

About Employer Branding Academy

The Employer Branding Academy (EBA), powered by the Universum, offers online training to elevate your employer branding skills.


Over the past 10 years, EBA has certified professionals from more than 500 diverse companies worldwide, with a mission to build authentic brands that inspire loyalty, enhance performance, and drive long-term success.

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