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Employer Brand Management

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Individual Course :
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From €595 (excl VAT)

Flexible start date

Team Training

Upskill your team with a private Team Training setup of our online certification course.

Flexible start date

Employer Brand Management

Elevate any Employer Brand to new heights with

our category leading approach.

Learn how YOU can win the war for talent!

Have you ever wondered how some employers always seem to attract the very best talent, even when they don’t pay more or have all the fancy perks? And how that talent stays for longer and is highly engaged? 


The Employer Branding Academy by Universum is here to teach you the structure and techniques behind some of the World’s Most Attractive Employers. We have taken our years of experience with leading employers – from research and data-driven solutions, to developing EVPs, to activating Employer Branding campaigns – and encapsulated this global knowledge into an online course. In other words, it is based on real best-practice. At the end of the day, our ambition is to empower and equip the global Employer Branding community.   


Through taking this course, you will learn the fundamentals of best-practice Employer Branding, the steps you need to take to build your own strategy, execution, and how to demonstrate clear ROI and measure results. You will also join an exclusive network of like-minded professionals from all over the world and carry with you one of the industry’s most in-demand skill sets. 


Over to you. 

4 reasons to study the course

Tools, Templates
& Cases 

Get downloadable material from the online course that can help you with key analyses and guide you on building your case internally. You will also see real case examples of course concepts to increase your understanding of how they come to life.  

Community Network

You will get access to our unique international network of Employer Branding professionals. Discuss and share experiences and best practices.

Blended & Flexible Studies

Flexible, online studies built around live, interactive sessions, allowing you to fit your studies around existing work commitments.  


When you have completed the course you will hold a unique diploma, giving you a globally recognized qualification within the field of Employer Branding.

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