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4 reasons to take the course

Join our dynamic community of 1500+ employer branding professionals 

Give your profile or team a competitive edge
  • Earn a recognized diploma and badge from Universum, the global leader in employer branding.

  • Stand out as a knowledge expert and boost your career

  • Blockchain-secured diploma for lasting credibility and easy sharing (on LinkedIn?) (showcase your secured diploma on LinkedIn?)

Get expert feedback and insights
  • Get personalized/tailored feedback and tips on your final project

  • Deep dive into real-world case examples, templates, reflection points and quizzes.

Plan the course around your personal schedule
  • Flexible online self-paced learning

  • Apply learnings to your work/current job/organization as you go

We know talent
  • Powered by Universum – Your Trusted Employer Branding Partner

  • 35+ years of experience, encapsulated in this course. 

  •  Learn the methodology behind some of the World’s Most Attractive Employers


Expert-Led Employer Branding Certification

Gain new skills

Stay ahead in today's competitive landscape

Earn recognition

Add an industry-recognized badge to your LinkedIn profile

Upskill your team

Join 500+ certified companies worldwide 

Selection of our certified companies

Joy Wildemans

Recruitment Marketeer - Employer Branding, Deloitte

The Employer Branding Academy was a great learning opportunity! Besides providing insights into recruitment marketing, it also taught us (through the use of case-examples) how to successfully develop, activate, and measure a company’s employer brand. Also, I was able to apply learnings from the course directly to my daily work. The network of people I’ve met and thought-provoking discussions we had, made taking the employer branding course a wonderful experience.

Steven Burrows

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, Treasury Wine Estates

I had been following Universum’s updates for a while and had always been impressed, and was keen to deepen my knowledge of employer branding, so enrolled in their course. The course was fantastic. It’s given a great framework to use and the quality of the content was superb – the case studies were current and practical and can be used for a great range of industries. It’s been one of the best professional development courses I’ve done and the tools and frameworks can be applied to a lot of initiatives – not just employer branding – so it’s well worth it. It was also just really enjoyable – didn’t really feel like study.

Sanou Njie

Campus Relations Specialist, UBS

Whether you’re just starting out in Employer Branding space or someone who’s worked in the industry for a few years, this is a great way to ensure your working style is more strategic with clear, measurable objectives that showcase the impact of your work. 

I enjoyed the flexible setup, and the resources were super valuable to the work I do. The final project was the best part for me! I was able to reference everything I had learnt to develop a work solution I can now utilize in my role. I also had the opportunity to connect with professionals from a range of industries – it was great to share ideas, network and learn more about the challenges they faced.

What our clients are saying

Discover how our clients have benefited from our services in their own words.

About us

What is Employer Branding Academy?

The Employer Branding Academy (EBA), powered by the Universum, offers online training to elevate your employer branding skills. Over the past 10 years, EBA has certified professionals from more than 500 diverse companies worldwide, with a mission to build authentic brands that inspire loyalty, enhance performance, and drive long-term success.

Your Employer Branding Academy Team

The team is comprised of people who are passionate about Employer Branding, data-driven decision-making and helping companies find the right talent.

Eva Carlson

The EBA guru. She has overseen hundreds of projects and certified over 700 participants in the last 6 years. Her passion and expertise on EBA shine through. She is the main point of contact when it comes to the EBA experience. 

Claes Peyron 

The EBA architect. Claes is an Employer Branding expert, advisor to many of the largest employers and host of the Employer Branding Geeks podcast. He lives and breathes Employer Branding and has been doing so for 14 years. 

Richard Mosley

The EBA author and advisor. Richard is an authority in Employer Branding. He is a speaker, an author and has been an Advisor at Universum for 10 years. Richard has been an integral part of designing and developing the Employer Brand Management course. 

Axel Keulertz

The EBA Expert. Axel is an experienced consultant, advising employers on how to attract the right talent. He is an advocate for data-driven decision-making. As a trainer, Axel ensures the course is up to date and provides feedback on projects.

About Universum 

Universum, part of the StepStone Group and Axel Springer family, offers over 35 years of trusted expertise. We analyze data from 500,000+ surveyed students and professionals across 20+ markets, providing unparalleled insights.

Our Insights Platform features a unique attribute framework to assess brand image and identify preferred traits among diverse talent. Serving Fortune 500 companies globally, we adapt methodologies to current trends, shaping effective employer branding strategies.

With the world's largest talent survey, Universum continues to lead in delivering impactful insights for our customers. We know talent!

Master new skills at your pace
  • Robust methodology: time-tested approach to building lasting brands. 

  • Practical resources: access real-world cases, quizzes, and templates.  

  • Enjoy flexible, self-paced learning.

35 years of employer branding expertise
  • Explore the methodology of the World's Most Attractive Employers.

  • Powered by Universum Insights Platform with research from 500,000+ talent across 20+ markets. 

Put learning into practice
  • Use in your organization: pick a current challenge as your final project. 

  • Apply the methodology to craft your solution.

  • Get personalized guidance and feedback from our team. 

Earn an industry-recognized badge
  • Blockchain-verified diploma: ensures lasting credibility. 

  • Easy sharing on LinkedIn: showcase your achievement.  

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